Chime 101: Relearning the Basics of Chime Part 2 | Weekly Chime's
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Chime 101: Relearning the Basics of Chime Part 2

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This is the 50th episode of Weekly Chime. Yes, 50th?! Whew! Time flies by when we’re learning a TON! Last week’s episode was incredibly valuable, so as promised, we’re going to do PART 2 of the Chime 101 Series! And this time, Adam and Brett will focus and dive into Lead Generation and Follow Up Basics! – Targeting leads to fit your business – Following up appropriately based on timing – Leveraging Smart Plans for Consistency We’re going to learn how to harness the power of intent targeting and social info to identify and attract buyers and sellers and rely on cutting-edge AI to automatically optimize your advertising strategy, ALL inside the capabilities of Chime! Bring in your questions as you watch this video and get ready for PART 2 of Chime 101!