Chime 101: Relearning the Basics of Chime Part 3 | Weekly Chime's
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Chime 101: Relearning the Basics of Chime Part 3

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Welcome to the 51st episode of Weekly Chime. This episode is the PART 3 series of the three-part series of Chime 101, where we relearn the basics of Chime. In this episode, the trio Adam, Brett, and Kory will go over the “Now What?”/next steps with a focus on lead conversion. So far, we’ve covered the best strategies for setting up your Chime, building out your Smart Plans, optimizing your lead generation, and your follow-up process. And now what? You’ve got leads pouring into the top of your funnel. That’s great! But let’s face it, all the leads in the world are of no use unless you know how to CONVERT them. So join us as we wrap up this series of Chime 101. Come with your questions, and let these guys help you convert those leads!