Chime 101: Relearning the Basics of Chime | Weekly Chime's
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Chime 101: Relearning the Basics of Chime

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This is the 49th episode of Weekly Chime. The very first one for 2022! And due to the popular demand, we will start the year off by going back to the fundamentals of using Chime. In this episode, we will dive into relearning the basics of Chime, AKA Chime 101. This topic has been requested by many of our community members, so we’re here to deliver. With that said, Adam Frank and Brett Baker will take us through the BEST possible strategies on setting up Chime and leveraging the Chime AI Assistant chatbot to initially engage the leads. PLUS, setting up Smart Plans to help keep you in front of your leads. Let’s take the guesswork out of your processes, help you organize your database, and assist you in converting new leads into appointments made by leveraging the automation capabilities that Chime has. Get ready for a seriously JAM-PACKED episode; please come with your questions and let these guys help you get on to a great start of this year!