Going Above and Beyond for your Clients | Weekly Chime's
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Going Above and Beyond for your Clients

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This is the 55th episode of Weekly Chime. And we’re on a roll on the Aurora’s! Aurora Courtney is joining us to further our conversations on providing you with strategies and tools on how we can go ABOVE and BEYOND for our clients! In this episode, Aurora will dive deep into how she’s putting in her 110% BEFORE, DURING, and AFTER each of her transactions. We all know that aside from every agent’s traits, like good communication, negotiating skills, and knowledge of the local market, the BEST agents go a step further! They will help uncertain buyers define what they want, price sellers’ homes suitable for the market, and then work to get their asking price or more. THEN there are the remarkable realtors who go above and beyond in ways that surprise and delight their clients and make their colleagues proud! Tune in and find out how Aurora is WOWing her clients in Alaska.