How to Take Advantage of the AI Assistant to Maximize your Lead Conversion | Weekly Chime's
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How to Take Advantage of the AI Assistant to Maximize your Lead Conversion

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Let’s talk about one of Chime’s most powerful features: the AI Assistant. In a previous episode, we mentioned that one of our guests, Adam, has set up the AI to automatically take calls from leads and forward them to his team.

Today, we’re diving in-depth into the AI Assistant to see how we can get the most out of it.

With us here is Kory Prince, the biggest fan of Chime’s AI Assistant, teaching us how to automate the process of getting leads at the top of the funnel to work with those at the bottom of the funnel. He also teaches us how the AI Assistant standardizes follow-up and remedial tasks at scale!

Kory is the founder of CountryWide Real Estate Group based in Canada. For the past two and a half years, he has relied on Chime primarily for its AI Assistant. He made the switch despite having used a different CRM for more than five years already.

The AI Assistant frees him from doing remedial tasks manually and triages leads from the high part of the funnel to the low part.

This way, he only works with people on the lower part of the funnel, that is, those who have already reached out to him either via email, text, or phone call. These are the only leads that he then feeds to his different agents on how qualified the leads are.

Randy describes this as “real estate tech nirvana,” where agents only communicate with leads that have already responded back and do it in a scalable way that feeds an entire team of agents.

80-90% of Kory’s leads are online leads. When they drip into Chime, the AI Assistant either tags it as “no response” after five or six days or tags it as “interested,” “needs financing,” or other necessary tags depending on the response gotten.

If a lead is tagged as “no response,” the AI Assistant sends a series of follow-up SMS texts with the occasional educational article, which can go on for up to two years.

If a lead is tagged after a response, the AI is set to triage the lead and place it into a particular pipeline stage called “active convo.” At this point, Kory individually goes into the pipeline and has a look.

After looking into the conversations with the leads in that pipeline, Kory then places additional tags or places a call.

Kory’s actions and the level of automation both depend on what pipeline stage each lead is put in.

Kory has a tag called “nurture long-term” for specific leads. These leads are where he maximizes automated AI actions.

In this 31-minute video, the team brings up new lead triggers for the AI Assistant, and Kory emphasizes the importance of lead scores and other information essential for anyone looking to maximize their use of the AI Assistant.

If you are an agent with hundreds or thousands of leads, this webinar is for you. Chime can help increase your business’ efficiency and productivity through AI automation. If you wanna learn more about setting up Smart Plans, check out our previous episode.

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Brett Baker has been ranked as on of the Top Agents 250 agents in the Country by Real Trends and the Wall Street Journal. He has since retired from real estate and now volunteers his time and energy on helping agents just like you close more deals and do more business through public speaking and a whole host of webinars. He is a lead generation and conversion expert and has helped tons of agents refine their lead generation and conversion using human factors and his “runway out” conversion process. Brett has used literally every CRM in existence, and is a huge proponent of Chime due to their use of Artificial Intelligence.

Tristan Ahumada teaches and speaks throughout the year at different events, to small groups and larger groups of up to 20,000 people. Tristan teaches how to have a higher lead conversion through long-term follow-up and building deep relationships with clients. He is the creator and co-founder of the largest closed facebook Real Estate group in the United States, Labcoat Agents.

Randy Carroll is a Strategic Partner and Channel Manager at Chime Technologies. Randy has been in the real estate SAAS space since he graduated from Lenoir-Rhyne University with a Broadcast and Electronic degree and a Business minor. Randy loves food, so usually there will be a food related topic in any webinar he’s a part of. He knows how to ask the tough questions, dive in deep to help unpack complicated topics, and find the answers that his viewers are looking for.